I’m on the road again….


Bill is a delicate guitar player and strong singer who is featuring his own songs, which include a short series of doggie songs, a few old men songs, a couple of new historical ballads, love songs for the wives and a couple of country songs. Oh yes, and a few blues derivatives.and several oddities.

peace festival 2015

At last there is time for an old boy to have fun and get out there……

He recently played a concert of his own material in St Mary’s Church Penzance, (“That was a lovely night” – Ella), and on the back of this success he is seeking more gigs across the West Country. He is also the author of “Wrong Side of the Wire” a song about the terrible conditions and choices that refugees must face, which is available to download and play at your local club in order to buy them some basic comfort and health care.

Here are some clips of songs to give you an idea of what I am on about: enjoy!


Big Tree:   

Wild Man Country:   


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